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At the core of Firefly is our theatrical performances.  We have a long history of creating thrilling, unique work.  Always based on a strong theatrical narrative, coupled with our signature aerial thrills.

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A spectacular circus and magic cabaret about prophecy, fortune and luck. Super$tition pokes fun at the things we believe will bring us luck or ward off evil with our flamboyantly courageous style! Featuring local favourite John Ullyatt, our special guests magician Billy Kidd from the U.K and contortionist Eliza Lance from Montreal, along with our amazing Home Team of circus artists!



A Workshop Production
Adapted by Belinda Cornish & Jocelyn Ahlf

 From January 17 – 26, 2019, join Firefly as plunge into a modern, spectacular retelling of Dante’s epic adventure poem, INFERNO.

Using Aerialists, Acrobats, Actors, Contortionists, and a small dog, we will take you on the ultimate journey through the Nine Circles of Hell. INFERNO is a massive, visual story about disillusionment, self-discovery, and finding contentment in accepting truth.

The Westbury Theatre @ Fringe Theatre Adventures
January 17th – 20th, & 24th – 26th @7:30pm

The Firefly Theatrical Archives


A doctor who physically travels into the mind of his patients is met with his toughest and most compelling case. Every person is a place, the doctor maps out your mind to discover the true source of your troubles.

Duck Duck Bang

Firefly Theatre’s “unique circus extravaganza” features aerialists, dancers, gadgets, stunts, and live music.

Duck Duck Bang is a quirky whimsical story about a man who desperately loves his rubber ducks.


After many generations, the Elevated Ones finally meet with the Sky People, the creators of the constellations. But Little Star has never felt really a part of her family, and discovers where she truly belongs. SkyLife is Firefly’s reimagining of The Ugly Duckling originally performed at Metropolis in Edmonton.


A spectacular fusion of music from around the world and dramatic circus performances, Edmonton’s
Le Fuzz and Firefly Theatre & Circus join forces for FUZZFLY, a spellbinding visual and aural performance
that takes you around the world and back.

Panache Pt Deux

Ponce de Ponce de Panache returns as Supreme Leader of La Cité. Along with him are his outrageous cabinet ministers, a team of astonishingly strong, athletic and amazing contemporary circus artists. Turning governance into a game show, Ponce will amuse and revile you as only he can do.


Ponce de la Ponce de la Ponce de Panache knows you are going to vote for him.  The question is, “How much will you love him?”  His family of incredible circus artists will thrill you as you wander into the abyss of the kingdom of Panache! 

Let’s Make La Cité Great Again!

Primordial Blues

Love at first sight or the creation of the universe. Inspired by Italo Calvino’s Cosmicomics, Firefly’s John Ullyatt and Annie Dugan weave a story around the beginnings of the Universe and creation itself.

Operation EVAsion

The bizarre, but factual story of the corpse of Argentina’s First Lady, Evita Peron. At 33, in 1952, Evita’s lifeless body was at the epicentre of political intrigue – wrought with danger and madness. Who had her body controlled the masses, who controlled the masses controlled the country. An epic after-life journey that lasted 24 years.

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