Bread And Circus

 On Friday, April 30th, 2021 at 6pm, join us for Bread and Circus!  Learn to bake Fougasse Bread with the amazing chefs at Get Cooking, and while the yeast is rising and the bread is baking, you will be dazzled and entertained by circus acts and live-streamed music. This unique fundraiser will feature familiar Firefly Theatre circus artists who are now interspersed all over the world.  Tickets are $100.00 per household and include a complete bread making kit delivered right to your door!  We will deliver your 2.5 hour evening of entertainment and cooking class right to your screen!

Firefly Theatre and Circus has invited circus artists who have appeared on stage with us throughout the years to join us for this virtual event.  Kristi Wade (Australia), Kadri Hansen (Estonia), Billy Kidd (UK), Mackenzie Baert (Greece), Ross Travis (USA), Martin Varallo (Quebec), Eliza Lance (Quebec), and Patrick Chan (Calgary) join local artists Marla Albiston, Normand Boulé, Lyne Gosselin and Stephanie Gruson.  Edmonton’s Le Fuzz and Rabbits Three Cultural Connection will accompany the local artists and play while our bread is being made.  The evening is hosted by Firefly’s Co-Founders Annie Dugan and John Ullyatt.  These artists from all over the world will be together on our screens for one night only!

Bread and Circus, a phrase attributed to the Ancient Roman poet Juvenal, means ‘superficial appeasement.’
As we head deeper into the spring and sunshine of 2021, we the people, are itching to gather.  We want to be together; to dine, to drink, to laugh.  And yet we can’t.  The unrest will undoubtedly brew.  What to do?  Give the people bread and circus!  Literally.

Did we mention...?



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