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  • Firefly Theatre & Circus has officially moved all it's class information to Firefly Circus Academy.  You can still come here to find out more about Firefly's incredible theatrical productions and corporate entertainment.

  • High Tea Sunday, September 24th Arts Barns Lobby 2pm - 4pm Get out your fascinators! High Tea is happening again. A favourite social event of every Firefly Theatre aficionado.  Tea, champagne, flying butlers, aerial bartenders, tea leaf readings, and of course performances by Firefly Theatre artists.  A fundraiser for our upcoming newest production: Kolabo - a collaboration with Kita No Taiko Here are a couple of articles to help you get in the mood: St. Albert Gazette The Edmonton Journal See you there!

  • Welcome to August, and to a new edition of 0ur Aerialist of the Month feature! This month we are featuring the wonderful Joel Marsan, a long-time student and occasional instructor with Firefly. Joel has been a dedicated student and fixture around the studio since 2012, and has scrupulously attended multiple classes and open gym each week since starting. With an impressive pike climb and an even more impressive compendium of puns, Joel is one of our strongest and most memorable students. He always makes sure to make everyone around him feel welcome and contributes to the warm and friendly vibe of the studio. As one of Joel's instructors over the first Summer session, I can attest to his amazing work

  • It's July so we are well into summer and due for another Aerialist of the Month! We are so excited to announce that our July Aerialist of the Month is Firefly gem and student-favorite, the one and only Samara von Rad. As an aerialist, Samara does very exciting work merging theatre with aerial arts. In our Fall Instructor show, Nowhere to Go But Up, Samara debuted a hilarious snippet of a comedic aerial rendition of Braveheart and the audience went WILD for it! Samara's bravery (pun fully intended) in committing to such a bold choice is on par with her audacity as a performer, and we can't wait to what she is up to next. Perhaps we will be treated to the

  • Welcome to the June edition of our Aerialist of the Month feature, where we feature inspiring students and professionals in Edmonton's circus community. This month we are featuring Firefly students and circus buds Jessica Gillis and Amanda Shaw! Jess and Amanda are working hard in preparation for their second Let There Be Height this year, and are synchro partners in BOTH of their two acts! As you can imagine, as synchro partners and long-time classmates, they have gotten to know each other quite well in the last few years they've been at Firefly. In fact, both of them have introduced their husbands to the magic of circus and both of their husbands are now enrolled in classes. Thanks for the referrals, Jess

  • Thanks for joining us for the May edition of our Aerialist of the Month feature, where we feature inspiring students and professionals in Edmonton's circus community. This month we are featuring Firefly instructor Kelly Proudfoot, who has been teaching with Firefly for 4 years and is an all-around amazing person and aerialist that we are lucky enough to have at Firefly! Before finding circus, Kelly had previous gymnastics experience and was an avid cheerleader and had coached cheer for 8 years. This background, along with her apparent passion for circus, certainly helped her development into the creative aerialist and stellar coach she is today. As such, ever since she began coaching her students have been big fans of her teaching